Specalist Home Repairs & Renovations

Exterior Maintenance

From high-rise buildings to single storey facades, we have the capabilities to handle all types of maintenance and repairs including the application of specialised coatings, rectification of building problems, waterproofing, concrete repairs, brick repairs and extensive remediation solutions.

Our outstanding workmanship and attention to detail will ensure your building exterior is maintained to a high standard for years to come. Safety is paramount when working in any kind of high-rise situation. As a result, we place a strong emphasis on staff and public safety with the use of suitable protective equipment, headgear, harnesses and gloves.

Remedial & Structural Repairs

S.A.C Group delivers comprehensive structural and remedial repairs to a range of industrial, commercial and strata buildings throughout New South Wales.

During a major structural renovation, residents are not required to move and can comfortably reside in their home during the construction phase. Depending on the severity of structural damage present, these projects can often last anywhere between 3-12 months. During this time, extensive communication and collaboration is undertaken with all relevant stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition from old to new.

We liaise with strata managers, engineers, property developers and remedial consultants to deliver high performance structural solutions that meet all specific building requirements. This includes concrete repairs, window and door replacements, waterproofing, tile and brick repairs and general exterior refurbishments.


For more information on our specialist building services, please call S.A.C Group today on 0414 696 774 to
discuss all your remedial and renovation requirements.